Water advances through the mouth of the river, a completed sound with its own repression, undoing a sound like household events: synching up a satin robe, the worth of a scream. You are in the Gold Trailer and hear loud music coming from the right far rear of one of the rooms and proceed to enter the booth in-between both rooms. The lights are off in the room but there is a strobe light on with loud music. The subject sits clothed on the floor. An unknown figure, white and also clothed, enters. Worn Plexiglas covers the figure’s torso with the fine latitudes of a earthworm’s form. The figure moves closer to the center of the room. Under the strobe light the figure’s lips are megawatt eggplant, a sculptural edgy ponytail locks in the look and a plump band of collagen brackets the moment’s grammar handed over on a plate.
Numbers arrive astronomical, names derive fantastical.
Around that time she started posting images of her cunt on instagram; she hated so hard we all loved her.

Text by Jordan Scott. Prompt: 1770 – James Cook arrives at and names Botany Bay, Australia.

Text by Christof Migone. Prompts: texts by Jordan and Kathryn plus the prompts they chose.

Text by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. Prompt: 1991 – A cyclone strikes the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh with winds of around 155 miles per hour (249 km
h), killing at least 138,000 people and leaving as many as ten million homeless.

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