Latch lightning
glinting shadows
I’m in my garden
puzzling wildness
the hair of my child is no less sweet
nor in your eyes is less light
Dear asteroid
Dear tulip
your fragrant bent limbs.
Ground, both under and over, moves whether or not.
Mama whispers, “Life feels like being shot through a shaft at ever quickening speed,” and I see she is crying now.

Text by Jordan Scott. Prompt: 1946 – The United States Army Signal Corps successfully conducts Project Diana, bouncing radio waves off the Moon and receiving the reflected signals.

Text by Christof Migone. Prompts: texts by Jordan and Kathryn plus the prompts they chose.

Text by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. Prompt: 1863 – The London Underground, the world’s oldest underground railway, opens between London Paddington station and Farringdon station.

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