The taste of it
such delicate philosophy of drones
to other victims
knitting a swath
for ozone
for tonal caress
field made rebuttal
fern pixels
spines on screen
and in pose.
There are wars, incidents, conspiracies, plots, disasters, revolutions that I’ve never heard of.
Some plot gone wrong, some clandestine operation summarily neutralized?

Text by Jordan Scott. Prompt: 1939 – Winter War: The Soviet Union is expelled from the League of Nations for invading Finland.

Text by Christof Migone. Prompts: texts by Jordan and Kathryn plus the prompts they chose.

Text by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. Prompt: 835 – Sweet Dew Incident: Emperor Wenzong of the Tang dynasty conspires to kill the powerful eunuchs of the Tang court, but the plot is foiled.

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